Weather for Ash Green


This is not the page your looking for. You are probably looking for the wview page showing current weather conditions for Ash Green, Surrey, England.

Weather Readings

The readings for this station are recorded every 5 minutes to the following locations:

Local Archive
This is a locally held record of this stations observations. Data is held in a texct file for each day.
PWS Weather
PWS Weather shares data with HAMweather and Weather For You. This data then helps to generate a forcast for Farnborough in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.
wunderground is a site that accepts readings from thousands of amateur observers and uses the data to provide weather forecasts for around the world. It is also possible to examine current conditions and historical data for an observation site.

Current Conditions

Weather Underground provides flash and cgi stickers that displays the current station conditions.
Weather Underground PWS IENGLAND418

About the station


The station is sited within the village of Ash Green which lies within the parish of Normandy, on the boarder with Hampshire.

Ash Green, Surrey, England

The village is situated close to the Hogs Back, part of the North Downs, and as such is slighlty sheltered from direct southerly winds.

Presently the station is sited 2m above the local ground surface. Although it is in an open area it does mean that may of the wind readings are taken in turbulent conditions relating from the surrounding sheds, hedges and trees. The station will soon be moved to a higher mounting point.

Station Type

The station is a Vantage Pro manufactured by Davis Instruments. It records the following data:

Weather Records

The station readings are then recoded by wview software that uploads the data to the websites listed above and produces a local record. As well as displaying a summary of the current conditions wview provides:

Summarises all the observations taken to date. This also shows the times for today's sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset
Observation Records
Graphs and a tabular record of high/low values for the last 24 hours, 7 days, 28 days and 365 days
Visual Summary of Today's Readings
Similar to the graph view for the last 24 hours but uses a bar chart to show the maximum, minimum and current readings
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Records
Text based records for the months and years since the start of 2013

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